2000 update windows xp sp3 2013

Dll.0.50727.6195 Microsoft update Visual C 2008 Redistributable Package: ATL90.dll.0.30729.6161 mfc90.dll.0.30729.6161 mfc90chs.
Also includes update two files with product name "Microsoft(R) Neptune (TM) Operating System" version.50.5048.1.
Admin 706 MB Admin 568 MB Admin 654 MB Admin 4,22 GB update Admin 570 MB 8 780 0 Admin 15,1 GB 8 122 0 Admin 15,1 GB 9 977 0 Admin 14,6 GB 8 719 0 Admin 681.KB960970 An ieee 1394 network update adapter that is installed on a Windows XP-based computer is not listed in Device Manager.KB969557 When update you use the Windows KeyL windows keyboard sequence to lock a Windows XP-based computer shortly after you log windows on to the system, the operating system may be automatically unlocked and the desktop can be accessed.Dll Microsoft Visual C 2005 Redistributable Package: ATL80.dll.0.50727.6195 mfc80.dll.0.50727.6195 mfc80CHS.Ocx mscomctl32.OCX mscomm32.ocx msdatgrd.Dll 97 vfp7t.dll 65 foxhhelp8.exe 8 foxhhelpps8.dll 8 vfp8r.dll 17 vfp8renu.KB958244 The system may stop responding when you restart a Windows XP-based multicore computer.DLL.10.6101.0 MFC71u.dll.10.6101.0 mscomct2.ocx mscomctl. Ocx tabctl32.ocx Vb40016.dll Vb40032.dll vbrun100.dll vbrun200.dll Vbrun300.dll wrap_oal.
KB942288 v3 Windows Installer.5.
KB951624 A 30-second delay occurs during the initialization of some network-based applications when Windows XP starts KB953028 On a computer that is running Windows Server 2003 or Windows XP, an application experiences an access violation and then crashes if the computer has more than four.

Microsoft Silverlight.1.30214.0, microsoft Visual C, directX.0c.Dll.0.8961.0 Vfp6t.dll.0.8961.0 vfp7run.KB961187 If you reconnect a removable storage device to a computer engine that people is engine running Windows XP, the operating system cannot find the removable storage device.Dll.0.21005.1 mfc120u.dll.0.21005.1 mfcm120.dll.0.21005.1 windows mfcm120u.dll.0.21005.1 engine msvcp120.dll.0.21005.1 msvcr120.dll.0.21005.1 windows vcomp120.dll.0.21005.1 dllsfox include: ReportBuilder.Ocx OpenAL32.dll.14.357.25 picclp32.ocx richtx32.ocx ssleay32.dll sysinfo. KB970685 Error message when you try to access an SD card on a Windows XP-based computer that has engine a particular combination of SD host controller and SD card: "The disk in drive is not formatted".
Dll.0.30729.6161 mfc90u.dll.0.30729.6161 mfcm90.dll.0.30729.6161 mfcm90u.dll.0.30729.6161 msdia90.dll.0.30729.6161 msvcm90.dll.0.30729.6161 msvcp90.dll.0.30729.6161 msvcr90.dll.0.30729.6161 vcomp90.dll.0.30729.6161 Microsoft Visual C 2010 Redistributable Package: atl100.dll.0.40219.325 mfc100.dll.0.40219.325 mfc100chs.