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Some use crudes closer in price to Louisiana Light Sweet (LLS a Gulf Coast crude thats waterborne.
The 3:2:1 bloomberg crack spread line calculation starts with the spot price for two barrels crack of gasoline, added to the spot price for one barrel crack of heating oil, and then subtracts the spot price for three barrels of WTI crude oil.
Both gasoline and distillates are fuels refiners produce for end usethe only difference is that theyre of slightly different chemical make-up, with gasoline generally being a lighter compound.
For most of the past two years, LLS traded significantly above WTI and has traded closer to Brent due to significant growth in production of crude oil line in inland regions such as North Dakota and West Texas.Over the weekend, Tesla (tsla) tweeted that its new Model spread S and Model X cars would get free unlimited Supercharging.What happened to the WTI-Brent spread?DividendRank lists broken down by the top ranked stocks in each of 18 categories/industry groupings.(Read more: Why ethane stopped trading like crude and started trading like nat gas (part II) continue to, part 2: Factors that affect crack spreads.For more information on why WTI and Brent diverged in price.Essentially, refiners take crude oil (which generally cant be used in its raw form) and turn it into refined products such as gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel.We use the example of the Bloomberg WTI Cushing Crude line Oil 321 Crack Spread/Gulf Coast (Bloomberg ticker crks321 Index).Bloomberg notes that the inputs are the following: Crude oil WTI at Cushing (uscrwtic Index ) closing price at July 19, 2013, of 108.05 per barrel.We use the spot month rbob gasoline per-gallon price multiplied by 42 to reach a barrel, and the spot month NY heating oil per-gallon price multiplied by 42 to reach a barrel.As anticipated, China is retaliating against Donald Trumps latest tariff threat, letting its currency fall to a record low.(Read more: Bakken crude begins to trade at premium to WTI, benefiting North Dakota names such as Whiting the above chart is the Gulf Coast 3-2-1 Crack Spread.(See description at left for 3-2-1 crack spread calculation).The crack spread represents the price difference between the finished, refined products (which translate into refiner revenues) and the price of crude oil (one of the primary factors in refiner costs). More line From Market Realist.
2 Oil (NO2igcpr index) closing price at July 19, 2013,.87 per gallon (multiply by 42 to get price per barrel of 120.54) (Two barrels of gasoline one barrel of heating oil or gasoil three barrels of crude oil) / 3 crack spread (2.

Heating oil or gasoil.S.Free Dividend Newsletter, hack gain access to weekly reports featuring sound our proprietary.Monster Beverage (mnst) is scheduled to announce its second-quarter results after the financial markets close on Wednesday.Well also design discuss regional differences in crack spreads later in this series.WTI crude is already"d in dollars per barrel.According to the consensus estimates, the company will report an EPS.34.Rising safety concerns about the Dreamliners could create more problems for Boeing.Differences in crack spreads, note that the chart above and the example show the Gulf Coast 3-2-1 sound using WTI Cushing oil as the input price, but not all Gulf Coast refineries imvu use crude benchmarked to Cushing.On August 1, President Trump escalated the US-China trade war even further by announcing that the US would impose more tariffs on Chinese goods. (Read more: Brent crude prices advanced along with WTI crude, but tighter spread weather calculating the spread, so, to calculate the Gulf Coast 3-2-1 spread, you take the price for two barrels of Gulf Coast gasoline plus the price of one barrel of Gulf Coast ultra-low.
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