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Chargeback calculates true costs of storage.
Appropriate access enforcement and physical security control must also be implemented.Monitor, manage and measure from a single centralized console.Overview: Enterprise Manager simplifies storage resource management by providing comprehensive manager monitoring and management of all local and remote Dell Compellent Storage Center systems.And you can monitor replication and bandwidth utilization over time to understand requirements and optimize transfer rates on an hourly basis throughout the day.Showcases enterprise the cost and power savings of Dell Compellent storage.Website: dell Go to site, description: Dell Compellent Enterprise Manager provides a network storage management solution via a single centralized console which allows for the administration of multiple local and remote Storage Center Storage Area Networks (SANs).Use of this technology is strictly controlled and not available for use within the general manager population.Operational costs and management complexity can grow exponentially with your enterprise, making administration even compellent more difficult.Users must ensure sensitive data is properly protected in compliance with all VA regulations.The Local or Regional OI T office should submit an inquiry to the TRM if they require further assistance or if the evaluating office is not listed in the notes below.Enterprise Manager Server Agent (Optional) This is a service for Windows that allows Enterprise Manager to free volume storage space from expired Replays that would otherwise remain locked by Windows.With Enterprise Manager, you can reduce costs by maximizing utilization and purchase storage more efficiently using accurate capacity and performance data.You can drastically cut day-to-day SAN management time with a single interface that provides a complete view of your storage environment, streamlining administration and reducing operational costs.The complete Enterprise Manager suite features the following licensed software components: Enterprise Manager Foundation, Discovery, Replication Management, VMWare SRM Adapter, Event Management, Free Space Recovery, Enterprise Manager Reporter, Performance Management, Capacity Management, Threshold Alerting, Enterprise Manager Chargeback, Storage-Based Chargeback, Hero Reports, Power Savings.Operating Systems compellent Supported by the Technology Technologies/Standards Relationships Comparable Technologies: Companion Technologies/Supported enterprise Standards: - The information contained on this page is accurate as of the Decision Date. Enterprise Manager simplifies capacity planning, compellent increasing your storage purchase efficiency.

Black Prohibited : The technology/standard is not (currently) permitted to be part used under any circumstances.Advanced bandwidth-shaping algorithms allow you to utilize the lowest bandwidth required while maintaining optimal performance.You can view storage capacity utilization bittorrent on all of your Storage Center systems over a manual period of time, including summaries from last week, last month, or last year, as well as important I/O details to help optimize performance.Enterprise Manager's storage-based chargeback feature automatically calculates storage costs based on the actual space consumed by applications.Comprehensive SAN management, dell Compellent Enterprise Manager simplifies administration of Dell Compellent environments by providing comprehensive witch monitoring and management part of all local and remote Storage Center SANs.If fips 140-2 encryption at episodes the application level is not technically possible, fips 140-2 compliant full disk encryption (FOE) must be implemented on the hard drive where the dbms resides.4 Per the May 5th, 2015 memorandum from the VA Chief Information Security Officer (ciso) fips 140-2 Validate Full Disk Encryption (FOE) for Data at Rest in Database Management Systems (dbms) and in accordance with Federal requirements and VA policy, database management must use Federal.Technology Components Note: This list may not be complete.Section 508 compliance may be reviewed by the Section 508 Office and appropriate remedial action required if necessary.Caution: Indicates either potential damage to hardware or loss of data and tells you how to avoid the problem.Configure and verify remote replication processes, monitor storage capacity and disk utilization in real time, and generate comprehensive storage usage and performance reports all from a single pane of glass.Simplify replication management, enterprise Manager simplifies disaster recovery with rremote replication setup in just a few clicks.Certified VMWare vCenter Site Recovery Manager (SRM) integration helps you enhance disaster recovery protection for your VMware virtualized environment.Enterprise Manager.4 Administrators Guide, document, number.Storage Resource Management, dell Compellent Enterprise Manager simplifies network storage management by providing a single, centralized console for the administration of multiple local and remote Storage Center SANs. Primary Enterprise Manager Data Collector galant (Optional) This is a service that gathers reporting data and alerts from Storage Centers Storage Area Networks (SANs).

Complete storage dell compellent enterprise manager client resource management for Dell Compellent enterprise storage environments.
How to Simplify Storage Admin with Enterprise Manager.