Festo sde1 programming manual

festo sde1 programming manual

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Measures may need to be implemented in residential areas for radio interference suppression.H-rail 2, adapter plate for wall mounting manual 3, electrical festo connection 4, sDE3 for front panel mounting 5, clamping plate for front panel mounting 6, mounting slide (rear) 7, compressed air or vacuum connections (only SDE3-.D and.Certification cULus recognized (OL) - C-Tick CE mark (see dclaration of conformity)1' To EU EMC Directive Note on materials Free ofcopperand ptfe RoHS-compliant 1) For information about the applicability manual ofthe component see the manufacturer's EC dclaration of conformity at: m Support User documentation.C / 122.Function Pressure range Absolute accuracy Pneumatic connection and mounting Display and setting Electrical output Electrical connection Accessories: plug socket 192766 festo SDE1 B2,V1, D2, D6, D10 G2 R18, R14, MS4, MS6, H18, manual W18, HQ4, WQ4, FQ4 C, L P1, P2, PU, PI, N1, N2, NU,.12 1x relative pressure 2x relative pressure 1x differential pressure 2x relative pressure, 1x differential pressure analysis Feature Display Mounting/pneumatic connection Electrical output Electrical connection Electrical accessories English 1) Key feature only on request 2) Not for SDE3-D12M 3) Not for SDE3-D6M, SDE3-D10M, SDE3-D12M 4).Pressure sensors SDE1, with display Modular product manual system 00 manual Mandatory data 00 Options Module.1, Female thread GX via H-rail, 2xPNP - with display relative pressure.Operating instructions, original: de, pressure sensor SDE1.Note that if the switching characteristics of the switching outputs is modified in edit mode, the new status becomes effective immediately.Type Push-in connector QS-4, for H-rail mounting.Note that, when more than one power supply or isolating device is used, connec tion programming in parallel is not permitted. SDE3 for mounting onto a wall.
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Function Pressure sensor SDE1 SDE1 Pressure range Pressure range -1.

Raccorder uniquement a un circuit NEC/CEC Classe.Pressure sensors bluetooth SDE1, with display Product range overview Method of Operating voltage Measured variable Pressure Pneumatic connection Type of mounting Electrical output measurement measuring range VDC bar Digital Analogue mode Piezoresistive.30 Relative pressure -1.Pressure sensor SDE3, operating instructions, original instructions.SDE1-SH 5 Connecting cable 14 Clamping plate (included in manual the scope of delivery manual - nebu-M12G.Comply with all applicable national and international regulations.Warning The usage of the SDE3 in headset combination with impermissible media can lead to personal injury or material damage. Order Type code -B Values in bar -P Values in psi 2) -K Values in kPa -H Values in inches of mercury 3) -W Values in inches of water -HQ4 H-rail mounting, wizard galant push-in connector 4 mm -WQ4 Wall mounting, push-in connector 4 mm -FQ4 Front.

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