Garmin colorado firmware update

Garmin Corporation Garmin grants you a limited, non-exclusive license to use the garmin upgrade software Software in binary executable form in the normal operation of the applicable Garmin products.
Fixed a potential issue with exiting the Find Phone app.
This one-time process will allow the device to re-accumulate satellite information lost in the update process).
Version:.72 Beta garmin Datum: Installation: Download fenix3_tactixBravo_672Beta.Version:.11 Beta Datum: Installation: Download fenix3_tactixBravo_711Beta.Sleep mode is now automatic and can be setup via Garmin Connect and Garmin Connect Mobile.Added support for colorado communication with a virb 360.Improved accuracy of floors climbed data Fixed a potential issue where update Intensity Minutes were not being calculated correctly for devices paired with a Heart Rate sensor.If the software upload fails, and subsequent upload attempts prove unsuccessful, the unit may need to be returned to Garmin for service.Note: after applying GPS software updates, for best results update please allow the device to track GPS signals continuously for 10 to 15 minutes.Added support for Project update Waypoint App (Settings Apps Project Wpt).Fixed a potential issue where firmware optical heart rate data was being logged to the activity file for a Swim activity, when used within a multisport profile.Fixed an issue where the month information on the watchface was using an incorrect glyph in Russian.Added garmin support for a new MOB (Man Overboard) hot key option.Added additional backlight settings: a 4 second timeout and a 5 backlight level. Added support for CIQ.1.4.
Version:.84 Beta Datum: Installation: Download Changes made from version.64.84 : Added support for CIQ SDK.3.4.

Improved time altimeter and barometer accuracy in watch mode (when not book performing a GPS activity).Reverted ability to auto-lap during a workout Version:.31 Beta Datum: Changes made from book version.27.31: Added book support for a new MOB (Man Overboard.) hot key option.Zip Changes made from version.55.63 : Improved average stroke rate calculations for paddle sports.This download area offers free firmware upgrades for select Garmin units.Improved accuracy of distance and lap counting for Pool Swim.(Settings Activity firmware Monitoring Goal Alert) Added support for post activity download of Heart Rate data from HRM-Tri and HRM-Swim sensors.Fixed a potential book reboot while transitioning from the watch face to a widget.I do not agree.Fixed a potential frank issue with golf scorecards.Fixed potential issues with altitude inaccuracies at low speeds during a GPS activity. Improved the reliability of foot pod calibration.
Fixed a potential issue where the device could fail to calculate harp for a halo jump.

Added support for a new ABC widget which combines Altimeter, Barometer and Compass data.
More importantly, there does not look to be a Wherigo Player update bundled with this garmin colorado firmware update firmware.