Gossen lunasix f manual

Compare the different F-Stops indicated for a lunasix shutter speed of 1/125th second in flash and ambient tkus.
Reading the Scales The Luna-Pro F has seven scales to give you information on ASA, aperture shutter speed, cine speed, exposure value (EV exposure factor (EF) and Zone System values.
The computer dial can be used to adjust the meter needle at any light level.Taking a Measurement Follow Basic Operating Instructions steps.You lunasix may get some very striking results that are manual not apparent gossen to the unaided eye.Slide the battery compartment lid (25) off and attach the battery to the battery clip inside.There are several advantages: Once zeroed, exposure settings can be immediately read off the computer dial.Measuring comparisons of your Luna-Pro F with similar or other types of exposure meters cannot be made properly without special laboratory equipment (optical bench).For long term measurements, the ON/OFF switch has a lock position which is indicated by the round switch position indicator (C).Relative LOhis curve shows, among other things, the change of density of the film.When the subject manual is very dark, increase the exposure by 1/2 to 1 stop.For example, assume that a filter gossen with a filter factor of 4x is being used.Here again the Luna-Pro F greatly assists in exposure determination because the corrective filters suggested by film manufacturers to adjust color shifts from reciprocity failure have an effect on exposure.Reflected Measurement When reading reflected light the meter is pointed toward the subject from the camera position without the spherical diffuser (1) over the measuring cell.It can also be reversed for measurements of light transmitted through slides manual or other translucent material being copied.Speeds from 1/125 to 1/1000 are generally used, with the choice depending upon the relative speed and direction of travel of the object. Readings are then taken normally.

Generally, in outdoor scenes, the repair lighting is not as uniform as with daylight.Conversely, even when subject speed fire is not a major factor, you may still wish to choose a short shutter speed and a larger lens opening to intentionally limit spread depth-of-field for selective focus.Scene Brightness Range 20,.Exposure Factor Scale Check to make sure that the exposure factor scale index mark (21) is.Intermediate values are indicated by short lines at 1/3 stop increments.Variable cars Angle Attachment The modestly priced Vari-Angle Attachment locks instantly into the Luna-Pro F and provides convenient selection of cars either 15.5 measuring angles.In all cases, if practical, bracket exposures on both sides of those indicated.Gossen Luna-Pro, light Meter - Posted 2-17-'03, page copyright.The ASA film speed setting control on the calculator dial of the meter accomplishes this programming.A representative sample H D curve for a film is illustrated cheats below.Section IV Accessories All of these excellent features are only the beginning crack of the Luna-Pro F story.Extension and filter factors can be eliminated from exposure reading by using the accessory fiber optics probe and reading on the camera groundglass.An EF (exposure factor) scale is included for making exposure corrections when using filters, bellows, extension tubes, etc. Let us assume that the flash is not powerful enough to bring the exposure into the two stop range game and the Luna-Pro F indicates an exposure.
If, in this case, the readings fall within the under 2 to over 2 1/2 EV range, your exposures will be good.
6) The flash reading of f4 is now within the desired two stop range of the mid-tone reading.