Hitachi cp-x1250 service manual

100Actual SizeFit WidthFit HeightFit PageAutomatic 1, projector, cp-x cP-X1200/CP-X1250, cP-X1200/CP-X1250, user's Manual - Operating Guide, user's Manual - Operating Guide.
Arrangement, lens center, screen 1 Projector Lens Cap 2 Power cords (UK, US, Europe) hitachi 3 RGB cable 4 Video/Audio cable 5 M1-D cable 6 Remote control 7 Batteries cp-x (for the remote control) 8 Users Manuals, safety manual Guide, quick Guide.Advertising advertising, thank you for your participation!The reproduction, transmission or use of this document or contents is hitachi not permitted without express written authority.We have 6 Hitachi CP-X1250 manuals available for free PDF service download: User Manual, hitachi Operating Manual, Quick Manual, Specifications. Internet Explorer is a trademark of Microsoft cp-x Corporation.
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3 Replace the battery cover in the direction of manual the arrow and snap it back into place.Related manuals, do you need a help?Warning, before using, read the "User's Manual - Safety Guide" and these manuals to ensure correct usage through understanding.Even oftener it is hard to remember what does each function multimedia in Projector Hitachi CP-X1250 keyboard is responsible for and what options to choose for expected result.M:n1:1 m:n10:0 40 (1.0) 46(1.2) 71(1.8) 12(30) 24(61) 60 (1.5) book 71(1.8) 107(2.7) 18(46) 36(91) 70 (1.8) 83(2.1) 126(3.2) 21(53) 42(107) 80 (2.0) 95(2.4) 144(3.7) 24(61) 48(122) 100 (2.5) 120(3.0) 181(4.6) 30(76) 60(152) 120 (3.0) 144(3.7) 217(5.5) 36(91) 72(183) 150 (3.8) 181(4.6) 272(6.9) 45(114) 90(229) 200 (5.1) 243(6.2) galant 364(9.2) 60(152) 120(305) 250 (6.4) 304(7.7) 455(11.6) 75(191) 150(381) 300 (7.6) 366(9.3) 547(13.9) 90(229) 180(457) 350 (8.9) 427(10.9) 638(16.2) 105(267) 210(533) 400 (10.2) 489(12.4) 730(18.5) 120(305) 240(610) 500.Dispose of batteries in accord with environmental laws.2 Align and insert the two AA batteries according to their plus minus terminals (as indicated in the remote control).Preparing Remote Control, warning The laser pointer manual of the remote control is used in place of a finger or rod.If you want to quickly view the content of pages found on the following pages of the manual, book you can use them.Connecting Your Devices, audio out bluetooth Stereo Mini cable audio.E F, g B, d C, rGB out, bNC cable, if using a BNC input. Never look directly into the laser beam outlet or point the laser beam at other people.
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The laser beam can cause vision problems.