Hitachi wj200 inverter manual

Over-current event during deceleration, e03, over-current event during acceleration, e04, hitachi over-current event during other conditions.
Print, print page 1, rename the bookmark, delete from my manuals?Then, the deadband is employed for each subsequent average of 16 samples.Max frequency A012 A011 A014 100 0V 10V A013 0 A01500 A01501 inverter 0 Input scale Max frequency A102 A101 A mA A103 0 A10500 A10501 0 Input scale Clearwater Tech - Phone: 800.894.0412 - Fax: 208.368.0415 - Web: m - Email: 317 A Function manual Run.Warning: Wait at least five (5) minutes after turning OFF the input power supply before performing maintenance or an inspection.The inverter trips and turns OFF its output.As in traditional motion terminology, we call this multi-speed profile capability.Caution: Be sure to connect a motor thermal disconnect switch or overload device to the WJ200 series controller to assure that the inverter will shut down in the event of an overload or an overheated motor.When a 30-sample average exceeds this deadband, then the inverter applies that average to the output inverter frequency reference, and it also becomes the new deadband comparison point for subsequent sample averages.When the input voltage is greater than the A104 ending value, the inverter outputs the ending frequency specified by A102.If an over-voltage condition exists, the inverter enters a fault state.E15 Input over-voltage The manual inverter tests for input over-voltage after the inverter has been in Stop Mode for 100 seconds.After inverter a setting change, the grinder maintains a very stable speed to deliver manual a uniform finished surface.Clearwater inverter Tech - Phone: 800.894.0412 - Fax: 208.368.0415 - Web: m - Email: 318 TIP: The deadband feature is useful in applications that requires a very stable output frequency but use an analog input for the speed reference. The tip calls attention to an idea that may not be obvious to first-time users of the product.

Warning: This equipment should be installed, adjusted, gamesen and serviced by qualified electrical maintenance personnel familiar with the offline construction and operation of the windows equipment and the hazards involved.E30*2 Driver error An internal inverter error has vuze occurred at the safety protection installer circuit between the CPU and main driver unit.When a speed change (such as level increase) occurs, the filter naturally has a delayed response.External trip, a signal on an intelligent input terminal configured as EXT has occurred.How to access the details about the present fault Note Indicated inverter status could be different from actual inverter behavior.Note 2: When jogging stop mode A03902 or gamesen 05, DC dropbox braking data is needed. E83 Positioning range error If current position vuze exceeds the position range (P072-P073 the inverter will shut off its output and display the error code.