Metal gear solid 2 substance pc patch 2.0

metal gear solid 2 substance pc patch 2.0

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See more information for details.Now that you've installed the metal patch, there are several ways to begin playing: - The Autorun screen will substance appear each time you substance insert the solid DVD into your DVD-ROM drive.ATI Radeon 9800 Pro support enabled.ATI Radeon 9700 / 9700 Pro support enabled.If you continue to have difficulties launching the game, please read through the information listed below: Q: Is your sound card substance a PCI64 using the ES1371 drivers, version.05.1127.05.1129?This patch addresses the language selection issue for the European version.32-bit color mode solid supported on aforementioned Radeon chipsets.3) Make sure to update your graphic card drivers to the latest drivers available.You are now ready to play Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance.To eliminate the distorted sounds or solid static, lower hardware acceleration for your sound card to basic or turn patch it off entirely.5) Troubleshooting, sound hardware acceleration, if you have sound hardware acceleration enabled in Windows, you may experience distorted sounds or static during gameplay.Owners of video cards other than the aforementioned cards should not apply this patch.ATI Radeon 8500 (9100) support enabled. Previous File No One Lives Forever patch.
You may also begin the game by clicking on the Windows start button, and selecting Programs Konami metal gear solid2 substance metal gear solid2 substance.
Problems launching THE game, if you are having difficulty launching the game: 1) Close any other applications that are running on your PC, including applications in the system tray.

Please install the tenth latest drivers for your sound tales card.After the patch tales has been sf-a applied, click "OK" to confirm.Instructions on manual manual changing the sound hardware acceleration: Go to the Start Menu, Settings, Control Panel.2) Make sure that DirectX.1 or higher is installed on your system.Make sure the latest version is installed, and older version may cause conflicts with the game software. Intel identified a problem with the Intel Ultra ATA storage controller, and has offered an update on their web site.

Q: Are you running the game metal gear solid 2 substance pc patch 2.0 on a Dell Dimension 4100/4300 series computer and Windows 2000?
Captions are now displayed in the appropriate language for European users (region-detection identifies the version being used).