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Smilin' Jack Tretton, PlayStation's popular American chief, saw an opportunity to drop the mic on a music high and retired.
In late May, a game many had hung their purchases on arrived, with marketing backing from Sony: Ubisoft's crime thriller, Watch Dogs.
PS4 driver was trouncing Xbox One at the tills even though Microsoft's machine was selling pretty quickly by any previous standards.
And so we find PS4 facing Christmas with one of the weakest exclusive line-ups on record, and a third-party slate that's not much better.It had been a long console generation and, in the intervening years, the rhythm of the consumer electronics industry had changed beyond recognition; mobile phone manufacturers had somehow persuaded a gadget-addicted public to upgrade their equipment every couple of years, whether there was a compelling.To cap it all off, it had emerged that PS4 had a significant technical advantage, gamezes too, with faster memory and a more powerful graphics processor.As early as February and March the sales of cross-generation games like Thief and Metal Gear Solid music 5: Ground Zeroes were gamezes an order of magnitude higher on the new machines than the old - and PS4 had the lion's share of the action.Sony even felt music bullish enough - which is to say, confident enough in its own subscription offering, PlayStation Plus - to refuse to allow EA's Early Access programme on PS4.Check your friends music list; many still are.The rest are remasters.The first-party line-up was thin - Knack was dire, Killzone Shadow Fall was dazzling but hollow, DriveClub was delayed - but Sony was carrying so much momentum and goodwill, nothing could stop.Was this really the future, too?Sony's executives could scarcely believe their luck; after the tough PS3 years, they had been offered an open goal.One year ago today, PlayStation 4 launched in North America.How well has PlayStation 4 served its users - and how well has Sony served PS4 - since 15th November 2013?It proved to be a make and break moment.The exclusives were nothing special and third-party games were mostly available on PS3 as well, never mind Xbox, a state of affairs that has persisted all year.We can only hope not; online games will always have teething troubles, but DriveClub's are still severe enough that the free PS Plus edition, a carrot Sony had been dangling for a year and a half, has been indefinitely shelved. Whether or not you chalk Destiny up as a win, it was followed by a painful, ugly loss.
It's a familiar narrative, but the machine's first anniversary offers an opportunity to take stock of the story since then.
Was this really the future?

To be fair, Sony made some canny choices and had some natural advantages.In Los Angeles in June, it had a solid E3, showing stunning footage of Uncharted 4, announcing Bloodborne, an exclusive game from fan-favourite Dark Souls creator Hidetaka Miyazaki, and hitching itself to invasion the spice hottest indie hype train mikey around - Hello Games' dreamy sci-fi opus.Gamers weren't even complaining too loudly that again online gaming had been locked behind the admittedly good-value PlayStation Plus born subscription - something Andrew spice House, Mark Cerny and Shuhei Yoshida must be pinching themselves about to this day.GTA 5 cheats: PS4, Xbox, PC cheats list and how to enter all mediafire cheats, phone codes and console commands.The build-up really couldn't have gone better for Sony; the preceding year had been one of good fortune, smart marketing, aggressive PR and rampant opportunism for PlayStation as its chief competitor, Microsoft's Xbox, had blundered from one hubristic public relations catastrophe to the next.Sony - and all your partners - it's over to you).And it didn't work. In stark contrast to the US and Europe, PS4's Japanese launch was a disaster; it seemed Sony had no better answer than Nintendo to the death of home console gaming in its native land.
The conventional wisdom that must-have book games sell consoles was shattered.