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The coupe features a relatively high rear part of the service roof (which made it possible to feel comfortable in the rear passengers) and wide moldings, painted in contrast to the basic color.
At the Paris Motor Show in 1988 debuted model 200.
Mercedes-Benz W PDF Repair Manual.In September 1989, the 300D Turbo and 300D Turbo 4Matic mercedes turbo-diesel models were added to the three available all-wheel-drive models (260E 4Matic and 300E 4Matic, 300D 4Matic) at the Frankfurt Motor Show.See also: Mercedes-Benz PDF Manuals ; Mercedes-Benz W124, mercedes-Benz W124 Service Manuals Free Download.It was first introduced in 1984 and was intended to replace the models of the.In March 1987, the Geneva Motor Show presented a coupe version (internal index C124).The bodies of the W124 were distinguished by the most perfect aerodynamics due to the plastic molding for directing air to the car, fuel consumption and noise level from the oncoming airflow were reduced.Within the framework of this service program, since February 1989, all diesel models of all series have been equipped with significantly improved diesel engines with new pre-cameras and improved fuel injection pumps.The series also receives the same system as the S-class, the washing system of glasses: heating book the reservoir with liquid and heating the nozzles of the sprinklers.The rear headrests reclined at the touch of a button mercedes on service the front console to improve visibility through the rear window.In order to reduce the risk mercedes of reducing attention to the new line of business-class cars, Mercedes-Benz decided not to introduce the W124 series at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 1984, where other brands also brought their own new or updated products.Production version 300 TD (Turbodiesel) and its all-wheel drive version 4matic began in August. In the same year, from September, the anti-lock system and the heated exterior mirrors go into the category of serial equipment.
In September 1985 at the Frankfurt Motor Show was presented a variant with a body wagon (internal index S124).
Mercedes-Benz W124, mercedes-Benz W124 a series of business-class cars of the German brand Mercedes-Benz, which was produced.

Since November of the maps same year, the height of the car for all models except for universals and all-wheel drive versions has been reduced by.At the same time 300 TD Turbodiesel was equipped with a modified engine.Due to optimization of the combustion process, emission reduction was achieved.In the seven-seat version, the seats were folded in such a way that the luggage book compartment had a flat surface.Externally, the model with turbodiesel could be distinguished by service a series keygen of narrow maps slots on manual the front right game wing (for air intake). A year later, in 1988, the lineup of the series was replenished with two new models 200E and 250D Turbo.

For models with four-cylinder engines, a four-speed manual gearbox was offered as standard, and for six-cylinder engines, a five-speed manual transmission service book mercedes w124 pdf was offered.
All these measures allowed to reduce the smokiness of the exhaust by 40 and to release the engines without particulate filters to the US market (where the strictest rules were in effect at that time).
Within the framework of this model, the most advanced developments of its time were introduced.