Sokkia set 3 ii manual

sokkia set 3 ii manual

This will help you sokkia learn your totalstation much quicker than usual.
You can also select for the manual instrument not to turn itself keyoff by choosing Power On/Off by key operation.
Leveling Leveling Center sokkia the surveying point in sokkia the reticle sokkia 8) Adjust the leveling foot screws to center the surveying point in theoptical plummet reticle.- 11 -.
Leveling THE sensors.4.Level the instrument.This screen will allow you to set the intensity of the reticle illumination sokkia to either bright or dim.If the bubble is off-center, perform the following:1.Press ESC to go back to the Config screen.If you have any sokkia suggestions or commentsplease submit them to:Sokkia CorporationTraining Center9111 BartonOverland Park, Kansas.When using a C series instrument, manual you can specify if you want to send the data to the card or send it to an external device. When the Horizontal Indexingis set to Manual the instrument will not have to be rotated 360 Manual 360after it is turned.
Quick Start Guide, sokkia series 30R, sET230R3, SET330R3, SET530R3, SET230R, SET330R, SET530R, SET630R.

When you instruction need the sokkia backlight on, press the light key.SymbologyThe following symbols represents the icons found on the SET2, 3,4, BII and from CII series total stations.If you are using a 4BIIor 4CII your choice is 5 or 10 increments.(other SDR-When using an external device (other than an SDR-33) this allows(1200-you to set the communication parameters.Total Station Training Manualsokkia seanualtable of Contents1.If you are using a C series instrument, you have the ability to input coordinates for staking out manual from either sokkia the data card on board the data instrument sokkia or by hand input.If you selectManual, you will have to collimate your instrument vertically ever-7-.Marking scheme SET beta 55/1/MT.Feet or metersfor distance measuring, Degrees or Gons for angle measurement, manager PPMor the temperature and pressure settings. Total Station Training Manual1.2.
Using THE ON-board data collector (C series).1.